GeM: Bringing Transparency To Public Procurement

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GeM is a global initiative that seeks to improve transparency and accountability in public procurement. GeM was founded in 2010 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Bank. GeM’s stated goal is to make public procurement more effective, efficient, transparent, and inclusive by promoting best practices among governments. GeM has so far partnered with more than 50 countries, including developed and developing countries. GeM’s approach is founded on the principle of “open data for open governance.” In other words, GeM encourages participating governments to release information about their public procurement activities in electronic form so that it can be readily accessible by anyone. This approach has several benefits: it makes public procurement more accessible to citizens and investors, it promotes competition among suppliers, and it facilitates better decision-making.

The gem currently operates two platforms: one for contracting information (CiPI) and the other for monitoring performance (MoP). CiPI offers governments access to a searchable database of contracts worth more than US$1 million awarded between 2009 and 2014. MoP provides governments with online tools for tracking the implementation of public procurement contracts.

What is public procurement?

Procurement for Own Use: This type of procurement is used to purchase goods and services that are required by the agency itself, without necessarily being sold to the public. Examples of this type of procurement include purchases of office equipment and software, goods and services provided by contracted consultants, and purchases of goods and services made under contract with private sector suppliers.Procurement for the General Public: This type of procurement involves buying goods and services that are available to the general public. Examples of this type of procurement include purchases made by state governments in the United States, local governments in countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece, as well as purchases made by universities across Europe.

How is public procurement done in India?

GeM is a platform that connects government buyers and sellers in India to improve transparency, efficiency and competition in the public procurement process. GeM is currently being implemented by the Government of India in eight states. The aim of GeM is to make public procurement more efficient, transparent and competitive. GeM is a Transparency Platform that helps procurement professionals make more informed decisions when bidding and awarding contracts. GeM’s web-based platform offers instant access to public procurement data from more than 190 countries, making it the most comprehensive source of public procurement information on the internet. GeM also provides training and support to help procurement professionals use the platform effectively. Public procurement is one of the most important aspects of government operations, and ensuring transparency in the process is critical for ensuring fair and open competition. GeM’s platform can help procurement professionals make better informed decisions by providing access to public procurement data from around the world. GeM also offers training and support to help users access and use the platform effectively. In the search phase, users can browse through products and services provided by various government agencies.

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