A Comparative Analysis of World Cup 2015 and World Cup 2023: Uncovering Similarities

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Let us look at the interesting similarities in ODI World Cup 2015 and World Cup 2023. Here are few fun facts about both the editions.

ODI World Cup 2023 is moving towards its conclusion as four teams are ready to clash in the knockout stage of the tournament. Interestingly, the ongoing World Cup is turning out to be quite similar to the World Cup 2015 which was hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand. Read this article to know what are the similarities between the two World Cup editions.

1. Four qualified teams for semi-finals

The four teams that have qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023 are the same team who played semi-finals of World Cup 2015. India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa were the four teams that clashed to feature in the final.

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2. India’s winning streak

In the World Cup 2015, India did not lose a single match in the group stage and reached to semi-final with an unbroken winning streak. Similarly, India is unbeaten in the ongoing World Cup.

ODI World Cup 2015 points table

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
India 6 6 0 12

ODI World Cup 2023 points table

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
India 9 9 0 18

3. India table toppers

India in both editions performed to their peak. They were the table toppers in their group in 2015 and in the current edition also they ended their league stage at the top. They had not lost a single match of the league matches.

ODI World Cup 2015 Points Table

Team (Group B) Matches Wins Losses Points
India 6 6 0 12
South Africa 6 4 2 8
Pakistan 6 4 2 8
West Indies 6 3 3 6

ODI World Cup 2023 Points Table

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
India 9 9 0 18
South Africa 9 7 2 14
Australia 9 7 2 14
New Zealand 9 5 4 10

England’s disappointing stint

One of the talking points of the World Cup 2015 was the disappointing performance of England. They had failed to qualify for the knockout stages. They had won only two matches and lost four out of six matches in the 11th edition of the tournament. In the ongoing World Cup, the same story unfolded as England won three matches and six games of the nine matches that they placed. In both editions, England were placed lower in the points table.

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