A Decade of Impact: A Unique Look at 10 Years of Impact Investing in Bank Statements

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£115m can buy a lot – more than 35m lattes, 2m West End theatre tickets, or a gym pass for 213,000 years. However, you could also invest it in pioneering organisations for social and environmental transformation. Not-for-profit investment platform Ethex has raised over £115m from 25,000 everyday investors since 2013, supporting ethical businesses across the UK. Investors aim for returns of up to 6.5%. CEO Lisa Ashford urges like-minded individuals to join in creating a bigger impact. Here are five organisations Ethex has supported:

1. Solar for Schools: Founder Robert Schrimpff installs solar panels in schools to teach energy and carbon basics to students. Ethex investors can fund new projects through investment bond offers.

2. Wenea: EV charging company Wenea plans to build 100 rapid EV chargers across 44 locations in Devon with funding from Ethex investors.

3. Library of Things: not just books, the Library of Things allows borrowers to rent items like thermal imaging cameras. Ethex helped raise £370,000 for expansion.

4. Scrapples: Snacks company Scrapples sells healthy apple crisps made from rescued apples, reducing fruit waste. Ethex raised £211,000 in 2017 to support the project.

5. Common Ground Against Homelessness: Edinburgh-based charity building homes for the homeless. Ethex raised £684,000 in 2020 for their first project and will launch a second raise for homeless women’s housing. Founder Helen Carlin aims to eradicate street homelessness within five years.

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