Advocating for Increased Women’s Red-Ball Domestic Cricket: Anjum Chopra’s Call to Action

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Former India captain Anjum Chopra has called for the re-introduction of the red-ball format in women’s domestic circuit to enhance the Indian women’s cricket and bring more ‘competitiveness’ on international stage.

In an exclusive interview with InsideSport, the former star women’s cricketer highlighted the multifaceted nature of equality in cricket, and emphasised that the women’s cricket need more than the financial equality to bring competitiveness in sport.

“Equality is in various levels and at various places, so it’s not just about payment factor. Yes, payment or the remuneration is one part of it, but it’s a various other levels as well. I do feel that competitiveness can be enhanced but let the administration do their bit, the players on the park need to do their bid and enhance their skills as well”, Anjum said.

Chopra suggested that bringing back red-ball format in Indian women’s domestic cricket bring more quality talent which will eventually result in more competitive matches.

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“The women’s structure is not as vast as the men’s, so we need to look at how we can create a parallel system. And it is nor just only about the national level; It can be conducted at state and district levels. But we need to have more matches being played. It’s not only when we play a Test, we look for players who can play a Test match”, Chopra said.

Chopra’s comment came after Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur admitted that playing Test matches against England and Australia in the upcoming series will be a ‘challenge’ as they have have been playing with the white ball for so many years.

While Anjum Chopra agreed that the domestic structure needs some improvements, she also emphasised that the player needs to do their part as well to enhance the sport.

“The structure can definitely get improved for the women’s team and I think administration is doing its its bid. But it’s a players on the ground who eventually want to make it count for themselves. Yes, they’re doing well. But again, if you look at the India, the enhancement and the Improvement can be even greater than what it is today. So I guess everyone, if they start doing their bit, I’m sure the competitiveness and the Improvement will automatically come”, Chopra concluded.

Notably, the Indian women’s team is scheduled to play two Tests at home for the first time since 2014. The Women in Blue will play an only-Test against England from December 14 at Navi Mumbai followed by a match against Australia starting December 21 in Mumbai

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