Brendan Allen’s Earnings from Defeating Paul Craig in UFC

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Check out what was Brendan Allen’s earnings after defeating Paul Craig in the UFC?

In a thrilling main event at UFC Vegas 82, Brendan Allen showcased his dominance by defeating Paul Craig via a submission (rear-naked choke) in the third round. Along with his impressive victory, Allen also secured a substantial paycheck, indicating his rising status in the UFC. Let’s check out how much money did they earn.

Brendan Allen va Paul Craig Earnings

Allen’s superior grappling skills allowed him to overpower Craig on the ground, ultimately securing a rear-naked choke submission victory at just 38 seconds into the third round.

Brendan Allen‘s impressive performance against Paul Craig not only solidified his position in the UFC but also earned him a significant payday.

While the exact figures have not been officially disclosed, it is estimated that Allen made approximately $85,000 in his previous fight.

Given his continued success and growing reputation, it is expected that his earnings for the bout against Craig would be at least on par with his previous fight, possibly reaching around $100,000.

On the other hand, Paul Craig, despite appearing lower in the ranking, is anticipated to have received a higher purse for this fight. In his previous octagon appearance, Craig reportedly earned around $106,000.

The substantial payout following his victory over Craig is a testament to the UFC’s acknowledgment of Allen’s growing popularity and marketability.

Following his victory over Paul Craig, Brendan Allen has expressed his desire for a step up in competition. With his impressive grappling prowess and a string of victories under his belt, it is reasonable to expect that Allen will be granted his wish and face tougher opponents in the near future.

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