BRU Dominates FFWS 2023 Points Rush Day 2: Points Table Revealed

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Today, Fans have seen the battle of Free Fire World Series aka FFWS 2023 Points Rush Day 2 matches. Check the Points Table here. The second day of the Free Fire World Series 2023 Points Rush stage is concluded now. A total of 6 matches have taken place on FFWS 2023 Points Rush Day 2. On the day 2 matches, Buriram United Esports secured the top spot on the leaderboard. Check out the overall standings and more below.

  • Buriram United Esports – 82 Points
  • Magic Squad – 78 Points
  • CGGG – 76 Points
  • RRQ Kazu – 70 Points
  • EXP Esports – 69 Points
  • Thorrad – 68 Points
  • WAG – 65 Points
  • Expand – 62 Points
  • P Esports – 56 Points
  • POCO Star – 39 Points
  • LOUD – 32 Points
  • GOW – 27 Points

Each day, teams will be awarded points based on their position in the daily rankings. These points will be carried out in the Grand Finals.
If you missed watching the matches live, you can click on the video below and watch it here. The FFWS 2023 Grand Finals will take place on 26th November 2023. The Grand finals will feature a series of intense matches that will test the teams’ skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking.

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