Crafty Fernando Alonso Emerges Victorious in 4-Way Battle

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Fernando Alonso took the last available opportunity to jump everyone and take P4 in the Formula 1 championship.

Max Verstappen dominated the 2023 Formula 1 season. However, behind him, the entire field had amazing battles. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz glittered for Ferrari. Meanwhile, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso led the charge for their teams in both the drivers’ and the constructors’ championships. Let’s have a look at how it all unfolded for these drivers at the Abu Dhabi GP.

A Battle that Changed Hands Almost Every Lap

At the Abu Dhabi GP, these 4 drivers gave us Formula 1 fans a battle worthy of a title showdown. The 4th place kept changing hands every lap at the end, culminating in one winner. Here is a timeline:

  • Charles Leclerc is in 2nd position, Lando Norris is in 4th, and Fernando Alonso is 9th when Sergio Perez pits
  • At this point of the Abu Dhabi GP, Lando Norris is winning the battle for P4
  • Once he gets out, he sets off after Lando Norris
  • Perez passes Norris on lap 47 out of 58, handing the P4 in the championship to Charles Leclerc

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  • After a few laps, Perez gets a 5-second penalty, effectively making Lando Norris P4 again
  • However, he manages to pull a 5-second gap to him, making Charles Leclerc P4 again
  • Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso has cleared Carlos Sainz and is in 8th place now
  • However, Charles Leclerc is still in position to take home P4
  • On the third-last lap of the Abu Dhabi GP, Fernando Alonso overtakes Yuki Tsunoda to take 7th place in the race
  • This ties him with Charles Leclerc on point but he takes home P4 on countback

A Salivating Prospect

The Formula 1 teams are converging more and more. Therefore, it is exciting to imagine such a battle for more than just P4 in the championship at the Abu Dhabi GP. Carlos Sainz was the favourite to take the position in the standings. However, one torrid race resigned him to P7 in the championship.

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Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso looked down and out of any competition just 3 races ago. However, a podium in Brazil and crucial points in the last 2 races helped him secure his highest finish in the Formula 1 standings for over a decade.

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