Diamond Duck in Cricket: Indian Players’ Terrible T20I Dismissals

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India’s vice-captain Ruturaj Gaikwad got out at Diamond duck. If you want to know what is diamond duck in cricket, then read this article. According to ICC rules, the diamond duck refers to a dismissal when the batter gets out without scoring a single run and facing a single legitimate delivery. Last night, Ruturaj joined Amit Mishra and Jasprit Bumrah in the list of this unfortunate dismissal. A Diamond Duck is possibly the worst for any batsman as he gets out without facing a delivery. Such type of duck for batsman comes into play in case of run out or if he has obstructed the field without having faced a ball. The article also explains different types of ducks in cricket such as Golden Duck, Silver Duck, Bronze Duck, Royal Duck, Laughing Duck, A Pair, King Pair, and Batting Hattrick.

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