Empowering Women: 10 Meaningful Ways to Make a Difference this International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is an important event that aims to bring attention to gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women. However, it has become commercialized, with many companies using it as an opportunity to sell products. Here are 10 practical ways to truly help girls and women this International Women’s Day.

1. Volunteer as a Big Sister with Girls Out Loud, a mentoring program that supports girls during their teenage years.

2. Gift a job interview glow-up by supporting UK charity Smart Works, which provides disadvantaged women with dressing consultations and coaching to help them succeed in job interviews.

3. Back women in business by supporting female-owned small businesses, employing female tradespeople, or becoming a mentor through organizations like the Cherie Blair Foundation.

4. Challenge gender stereotypes by supporting kids who go against traditional norms and providing them with non-gendered toys and inclusive activities.

5. Educate yourself and others about issues facing women around the world, and speak out against gender inequality.

6. Attend events and workshops that support women’s empowerment and advocacy.

7. Donate to organizations that support women’s rights and provide resources for women in need.

8. Advocate for policies and legislation that promote gender equality and protect women’s rights.

9. Support women’s health initiatives and access to reproductive healthcare services.

10. Be an ally to women in your community by listening to their experiences, offering support, and standing up against discrimination and injustice.

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