Exclusive: Raftaar Joins Kick Streaming Platform, Dive into the Details Now!

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Popular India Rapper Raftaar joined the Kick Live streaming platform, sparking rumours of a potential launch in India.


Renowned Indian rapper Raftaar has recently joined the Kick streaming platform, which made its debut in December of the previous year. As the first hip-hop artist from India to become part of the platform, His presence has sparked excitement across the country.

Raftaar joins Kick

Beyond his rapping, Raftaar is also an avid gaming enthusiast. He has actively engaged in gaming sessions with popular Indian gamers during live streams. Notably, he participated in a PUBG New State session alongside fellow creators and even made a notable appearance in the official music video for PUBG: NEW STATE titled “RATATA.”

While Raftaar has not officially confirmed his association with Kick, he hinted at it through an Instagram story on his official account. In the story, he announced that he would be going live on the platform.

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Kick Streaming Platform

Kick, established in 2022 to rival Amazon-owned Twitch, has gained significant popularity as a streaming platform known for its lenient moderation policies and generous revenue shares for streamers. Notably, Kick distinguishes itself with a mere 5% revenue charge, the lowest among its streaming counterparts. In 2023, the platform secured deals with several high-profile streamers, including chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, Nickmercs, Adin Ross, Amouranth, Ice Poseidon, and xQc.

On June 16, 2023, xQc announced a revolutionary two-year, $70 million non-exclusive partnership with Kick, which may be valued up to $100 million with performance-based incentives. This is the largest streaming arrangement ever signed.

It’s important to note that, as of now, Kick is not officially available in India. However, the signing of Raftaar has sparked rumors of a potential launch in the country. Despite these speculations, Indian fans can still access Kick, although there are no official servers established in India at present.

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