Exclusive: Shubman Gill, Gujarat Titans Captain, Talks IPL 2024

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Shubman Gill, the newly appointed captain of the Gujarat Titans, sends a heartfelt message to fans and teammates ahead of the IPL 2024 season.

Shubman Gill, the newly named Gujarat Titans captain, expressed his thrill about the opportunity to lead the IPL 2022 champions. He conveyed his deep appreciation for the chance to lead the squad in the forthcoming IPL 2024 in a heartwarming video ahead of the season.

In a huge moment for the youngster, Shubman Gill has been named captain of the Gujarat Titans for the IPL 2024 season. It happened after Hardik Pandya returned to the Mumbai Indians, in a rather surprising trade. Gill reminisced on his tournament journey to the forefront in a touching video greeting his supporters and teammates. Gill spoke on his journey from a teenage cricket fan to the captain of an IPL franchise. Thus fulfilling a desire that he had since childhood. “I think it’s gonna take, like, probably till the time we don’t play the first match. Uh, it’s not gonna, you know, quite sink in. It’s a great feeling. I mean, I was about seven or eight years old when you know IPL started happening. “ Shubman Gill said in a video posted by Gujarat Titans.

“Obviously, it’s a dream for any kid who wants to be a cricketer and wants to play the IPL to be able to captain a team. Then to be able to be that kind of binding factor in this team, it feels amazing,” he added. He credits his time playing under experienced leaders with teaching him significant skills that he intends to utilise in his new challenge He highlighted the need of dedication, discipline, hard effort, and loyalty as crucial leadership characteristics. “I mean, we all know captainship comes, uh, with a lot of things, and commitment is one of them. Discipline is one of them. Hard work is one of them. Loyalty is one of them. And because I think I’ve played under great leaders and I’ve learned a lot from them, I think those learnings that I have had from their experience playing under them is gonna help me a lot in this IPL.”

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