Finding Hope: Overcoming Gambling Addiction

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Jack Scott was once consumed by a gambling addiction that led him to self-destructive behavior. He would bet away his entire paycheck and then repeat the cycle once the next payday arrived. Even buying a house with his partner did not stop his compulsion to gamble. However, five years ago, he experienced a turning point during a race in Wales and decided to change his life. He registered with Gamstop, a self-exclusion service that bars members from online gambling sites. This decision, combined with his sponsorship deal with sports brand INOV8, has allowed him to turn his energy into a successful career as an endurance runner. He shattered the record for the Montane Winter Spine race, and his success has brought him fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Scott’s message to others struggling with addiction is to surround themselves with a supportive social circle and not be afraid of failure. He encourages them to be kind to themselves and seek help when needed. Scott has overcome his addiction and found success, becoming someone that others can rely on and trust.

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