Funny Fan Pokes Fun at Floyd Mayweather in Hilarious Encounter

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Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has found himself the target of a call out and a threat from a fan. Read more to find out what happened.
Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of the 2000s. The former multi-weight world champion dominated the sport for years and retired with a perfect 50-0 record. However, despite having a perfect record in the sport, Mayweather often finds himself as the target of call outs and challenges. This time, it is a fan having a go at ‘Money Mayweather.’

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Mayweather recently confirmed that he will return to action again in 2024. He will take on John Gotti III in a rematch of their controversial first fight. The event will take place on the Super Bowl weekend. Therefore, we could see Mayweather back in action around February 11. However, before that, Mayweather has a new challenger.

Floyd Mayweather Gets Trolled by Fan Who Challenges Him, Claiming to Knock Him Out

TikTok user RuthlessRich posted a video on his profile which Michael Benson was quick to repost on X. In the video, we can see a fan approach Floyd Mayweather at a college football game. While Mayweather was enjoying the action in the VIP section, a fan walked past him and said,

“Floyd…. Floyd. I’ll knock you out n*gga. He’s sick, look at him.” While this is clearly a joke, it is almost unbelievable that fans have the audacity to talk to one of the greatest boxers on earth like that. However, RuhtlessRich has built a reputation for calling out celebrities.

Moreover, he is the same person who called out Marcus Jordan and Larsan Pippen at an NFL game when the pair were not yet officially dating. Thus, this is just another publicity stunt. However, with the way things are going in the sport, it would be no surprise to see Mayweather fight RuhtlessRich in an exhibition fight.

What do you make of this incident? Do you think things like this are disrespectful to boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather?

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