Hamilton’s Future in Formula 1 Looks Gloomy for the 2024 Season

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Lewis Hamilton talked about practicality when talking about his chances for the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Lewis Hamilton will be a happy man after the Abu Dhabi GP. He doesn’t have to drive the W14 anymore. The W14 is the first Mercedes car since 2011 to not win a single race in a Formula 1 season. To put things into perspective, Lewis Hamilton still drove for McLaren at that time. However, the team did make a lot of improvements over the season. More importantly, they are taking a lot of learnings for the next season. But Red Bull still remain unbeatable. After the Abu Dhabi GP, the Mercedes star pointed to a harsh reality, as reported by ESPN.

“Not A Great Year”

These were Lewis Hamilton’s words when asked about the 2023 Formula 1 season. He said he didn’t have a lot to take away from this season. He was just happy to have survived the season. The reporters then asked him about Mercedes’ 2024 car. He said he didn’t know much about it.

Lewis Hamilton said, “It’s not been a great year. There’s not a lot to take from the year in general. The fact that I survived it, probably that’s about it.”

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“Definitely A Concern”

Everyone, including Lewis Hamilton, knows that Red Bull have not brought a lot of upgrades in the second half of the 2023 Formula 1 season. However, Max Verstappen still finished 17 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc. This is an ominous sign for teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren. They all want to catch up, but the goalpost keeps moving.

Lewis Hamilton said, “For Red Bull to win by 17 seconds in the end and they haven’t even developed their car since August is definitely a concern.”

“But we’ve learned a lot about the car and it’s just down to the team now. They know what they need to do. Whether or not we will get there, we will see.”

Will Mercedes be able to give Lewis Hamilton a race-winning car next year? We need to wait and watch.

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