Harbhajan Singh’s Epic Victory Over a WWE Legend in the Pro Wrestling Ring

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Check out the moment cricket star Harbhajan Singh secured victory by defeating a WWE legend in a pro wrestling match.

Millions of Indian fans are passionate about WWE, turning it into a widely watched phenomenon. The credit for the popularity of pro wrestling goes to WWE and its iconic wrestlers, including John Cena, The Rock, and Randy Orton, to The Great Khali. The moment when the 7-foot Indian giant defeated The Undertaker became the biggest news of the year, attracting many new viewers. Adding to this, it’s not only The Great Khali who conquered a WWE legend; the legendary Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh, also secured a win against a WWE legend. Here are the details.

Harbhajan Singh Claims Victory Against WWE Legend in Ring Ka King Showdown

After the surge in WWE’s popularity in India, a pro wrestling show called “Ring Ka King” emerged. It featured Harbhajan Singh serving as the host/goodwill ambassador on “Ring Ka King-Wrestling Ka Mahayudh,” a Colors show that brought together 30 wrestlers from around the world.

In one episode, Jeff Jarrett, the creator of TNA and who brought this show to India, and Harbhajan Singh engaged in a blindfold match. Jarrett had to wrestle against Harbhajan with no disqualifications rules while being blindfolded.

Seizing the opportunity, the off-spinner exploited Jarrett’s blindfolded state, and with the assistance of Mahabali Veera entering the ring, Veera executed his signature move to bring Jarrett down. Subsequently, Bhajji pinned him to secure the victory.

Indeed, as per the storyline, Harbhajan Singh played the role of the babyface, while Jarrett took on the role of the heel (the antagonist) in that match. And as Bhajji was the crowd’s favourite the crowd roared in cheers when he got the victory.

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Not only Jarrett, but the Indian spin wizard has also shared the ring with notable figures like Scott Steiner, Abyss, and many others, showcasing his dominance over WWE legends.

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