Jorge Masvidal Voices Concerns About Transgender Female Athletes in Cisgender Competitions

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Jorge Masvidal, the first-ever BMF champion of the UFC, has taken issue with transgender female competitors who go up against cisgender female competitors.

The phrase “transgender female” refers to a person who changes from being a cisgender male at birth to a transgender female. On the other hand, a person who identifies as a cisgender female and who was born as one is referred to as a cisgender female.

Transgender women have competed against cisgender women in a number of globally recognized sports. There have been some transgender female athletes in women’s MMA, including Fallon Fox and Alana McLaughlin.

Jorge Masvidal On UFC Allowing Transgender Athletes to Compete

It’s problematic to discuss transgender athletes competing in competitive sports because more and more globally renowned sports have either banned or permitted transgender female athletes to participate.

The iKon Fighting Championship mixed martial arts organization and the Gamebred FC bare-knuckle MMA promotion are led by retired mixed martial arts star. Earlier this year, he shared his thoughts with Charly Arnolt on Outkick about the possibility of a transgender mixed martial arts competitor participating in his programs.

Jorge Masvidal recently accused transgender athletes of finding “loopholes” in order to win in his piece on the subject, which he claimed in an interview with PragerU. According to him:

“If you are in a man’s body, you need to compete against men. You can’t crush a little girl’s dream of becoming an Olympian because you s**k at the men’s sport, and now you found the loophole that allows you to do that.”

Some segments of the public have proposed that if a transgender female athlete receives hormone therapy and/or s*x reassignment surgery, then a sports match between her and a cisgender female athlete would be fair.

Conversely, some contend that actions like sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy are insufficient to guarantee fair play. They stress that even after transitioning, a cisgender male’s basic genetic makeup and bone density stay largely unaltered.

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