Journey through Perspectives: 7 Captivating Images from our Groundbreaking Mental Health Feature

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Phindi Mgele, a South African mother, is benefiting from a travelling caravan that brings innovative creative therapy to townships to address gender-based violence at its core. Cebisile Mbonani, South Africa, says, “When I hold the camera, everything else fades away, and I become fully present and aware of my surroundings. Meeting Phindi Mgele was a revelation, showcasing the boundless capacity of the human spirit. Despite the loss of her mother, sister, and husband, her resilience and hope shine through. She shared her traumatic experience with me, and I could sense the pain she still feels. To capture her resilience and strength, I focused on her framed pictures and her son, who she keeps close. Every photograph teaches me something, and Mgele’s story reminds me to never give up and keep fighting on.”

Sam Bush, a photographer from London, recalls photographing psychiatrist Russell Razzaque, feeling challenged to capture the essence of the subject’s pioneering work in psychiatry. James Rodriguez, from Guatemala, reflects on capturing Indigenous children participating in a women’s circle, showcasing community-building and empowerment. Taiwo Aina, from Nigeria, shares his experience at Nigeria’s first climate cafe, highlighting the connection between Ayo, the project manager, and the city’s environment. Emma McKenzie, a PhD student, recounts her experience being photographed for a story on the Finnish approach to psychosis, emphasizing the importance of trust between subject and photographer.

Angela Ponce, a photographer from Peru, captures the founders of Coalition Neurodivergent Peru during a picnic meet-up, showcasing the community’s support and openness about mental health. Joanne Crawford in Halifax documents Oliver’s journey with schizophrenia and his belief in the transformative power of the Finnish ‘open dialogue’ approach to psychosis. Each photographer tells a unique and compelling story through their lens, capturing moments of resilience, hope, and empowerment in the face of adversity.

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