Lessons from Creating a Series on Global Community-Led Mental Health Projects – Positive News Insights

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We are halfway through our series on mental health, focusing on impactful projects around the globe. Freelance journalists, known as ‘stringers’, are at the heart of reporting in six countries. Reporting in the global south can be difficult due to logistical and political challenges. In Guatemala and Yemen, logistical issues affected reporting on mental health projects. In Guatemala, parenting is shared out more equally among the community, reflecting a new University of Cambridge study. Nordic countries, particularly Finland, lead in mental health care innovative models. Finland’s ‘open dialogue’ approach to psychosis is being trialled in the UK, potentially revolutionizing mental illness treatment. Many of the most exciting grassroots mental health projects are in Africa, showcasing creative and scalable solutions to mental health stressors. The lack of African stories reflect the most exciting developments in mental health. To invest in solutions journalism, we need funding and readers to support the Positive News team.

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