Masaba Lambasts Ramiz Raja for Mocking Racist Comments About Her Father

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Masaba Gupta, who is always on the limelight due to her ‘LOOKS’, lashed out at Ramiz Raja over his act on live television involving her parents Viv Richards and Neena Gupta

Despite several vouching for racism to be stopped, we often come across people mocking others over color, caste, and other stuff in each field. One such episode panned out two months back when former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja laughed shamelessly over a joke over Masaba’s parents Viv Richards and Neena Gupta. Masaba did not hold back her emotions after seeing Ramiz’s questionable act against her parents.

Taking to Twitter, the fashion designer said, “Dear Ramiz Raja (sir), grace is a quality few have. My father, mother, and I have it in spades. You have none. Sickening to see you laugh on national TV in Pakistan at something the world stopped laughing at about 30 years back. Step into the future. All 3 of us are here with our chin up. #ramizraja,” Masaba wrote in an X post.

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What exactly transpired on a Pakistani TV show?

Two months ago Ramiz Raja laughed shamelessly when he was present on the national TV show aired in Pakistan. A comic on the sports show made an objectionable remark after saying Richards shattered her heart when he started dating Bollywood actor Neena Gupta. This episode was aired on September 12 during the Asia Cup.

Speaking about Richards, he was seen in attendance to watch the IND vs NZ semi-final match at the Wankhede Stadium. Richards also did a commentary for a brief while and wished both teams luck.

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