New Additions in Defense Derby December Update: Moon Night and More

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KRAFTON’s independent studio, RisingWings, has launched the Defense Derby December update with a lot of new content.

KRAFTON unveiled the December update for its popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby. The game has been developed by its creative studio RisingWings. This update features the addition of Moon Night, a new physical-type unit belonging to the spirit faction. Known for its unique short-range serial attacks, Moon Night is equipped with the ‘Shadow Attack’ ability, which boosts its attack power with each successive strike. However, this enhancement resets after every wave. Moon Night shines when paired with units that can block movement and extend wave duration. Players can acquire Moon Night through various in-game methods, including the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack, all freshly updated for the new Twilight and Dawn season. To mark Moon Night’s debut, the game has introduced a special event, the Derby Brawl – Moon Night Mirror Match, where every player starts with an identical deck featuring Moon Night. This event is available until December 14.

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In celebration of Defense Derby‘s 100-day milestone, the game recently revealed three new heroes, including Finesse. Now available, Finesse is a physical-type hero from the spirit faction, capable of executing chain attacks with her basic attacks for increased damage. Her signature move, Spring Breeze, boosts her attack speed temporarily. Additionally, a new human hero, Lana, is set to join the roster in January.

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Coming December 15, players can look forward to the introduction of Fiery Imp, a new magic-type spirit faction unit. This ranged debuff unit specializes in reducing monsters’ damage to the castle. The Derby Brawl – Fiery Imp Mirror Match event, available from December 15 to December 28, will feature this new unit.

The update also includes a new skin system and seasonal events. Starting December 14, players can access a skin button on each hero and unit screen, allowing them to customize appearances with owned skins. In the spirit of the winter season, a Christmas event will run from December 14 to December 31, offering various activities and rewards, including the Christmas Castle Skin.

Moreover, Defense Derby’s November 2nd update introduced a new PvE feature, Hero’s Journey, where players can engage in 1:1 battles with heroes at each stage. Victories reward players with Gold of Glory, which can be exchanged for units in the Shop of Glory.

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