Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner Braces for Nerve-Wracking 2026 Season

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Red Bull will produce its own engines for the first time in its motorsport history. Christian Horner is both excited and nervous about the new challenge, which will begin in partnership with Ford from the 2026 season. As reported by Motorsport, Christian Horner said, “This is not an easy task.” He added that making a Formula 1 engine is extremely complicated, and Red Bull has found a partner in Ford to undertake this challenge.
Horner also mentioned the need to keep evolving and embracing change, citing the success Red Bull and Max Verstappen had with Honda. Despite current success in Formula 1, Horner is already looking ahead to 2026 and the introduction of Red Bull and Ford engines. He is preparing for the next chapter, acknowledging that nothing in motorsport lasts forever.
Horner emphasized the scale of the challenge Red Bull has taken on for 2026, saying, “I don’t think people perhaps comprehend the scale of the challenge that we’ve taken on for 2026.” However, he expressed confidence in the team’s ability to tackle it and compared their approach to how they have approached chassis design in the past.
After the departure of Honda, Red Bull and Christian Horner have found a new ally in Ford. Looking ahead to the introduction of Red Bull-designed and manufactured engines, Horner described the timeline as “nerve-wracking and exciting all at once,” with approximately 100 weeks before the engines will be rolling down the pitlane.

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