Ross Brawn and Formula 1 Expose Shocking Blunder at Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Ross Brawn admitted that he and Formula 1 failed to consider one big factor when planning the Las Vegas GP. This might affect the race a lot.
Formula 1 and Liberty Media are desperately trying to make the Las Vegas GP its new crown jewel. Formula 1 is considered to be the most lavish sport, a sport for the rich folks. And Las Vegas is widely regarded as the entertainment capital of the world. Therefore, the Las Vegas GP should be a world event.
However, as fans and Formula 1 themselves are finding out, it could go horribly wrong. Ross Brawn, who recently left his position in Formula 1 Management, made a shocking revelation as reported by Planet F1.

A Cold Race

Not many people realize this, but Las Vegas is essentially in the middle of a desert. This means that temperatures often fluctuate between the extremes in the Sin City. The Las Vegas GP is being held in the middle of November, when temperatures start to reach 0 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the Las Vegas GP is a night race. This means even colder temperatures which can lead to a lot of issues during the race. Formula 1 doesn’t experience these issues with races in the Middle East. This is because temperatures there stay pretty warm even in the winter months.

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Ross Brawn Reveals Shocking Oversight

Ross Brawn recently stepped down as the Managing Director of Motorsport and the Technical Director of Formula 1. However, he was involved in the talks of getting the Las Vegas GP on the calendar.

Ross Brawn revealed that Liberty Media and Formula 1 forgot a very important detail when scheduling the Las Vegas GP.

“The one thing we hadn’t considered initially but the tyre company have dealt with is it gets very, very cold at night. So when the race is happening, which is Saturday night, it has been known to drop down to three or four degrees.”

“So, it can be really quite cold and of course getting the cars to work in those temperatures can be a challenge.”

Continuing on the Las Vegas GP, he said, “The tyre companies have done some work to make sure the tyres can cope with that.”

“We’re definitely facing some new challenges which we’ve never had before, but I think it’ll be spectacular.”

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