Sara Tendulkar Exposes Fake Accounts and Warns about Deepfake Photos

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Earlier, a deepfake picture of Sara hugging Shubman Gill went viral on the internet.

Sara Tendulkar, daughter of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, raised her concerns about the misuse of technology on social media. In her recent Instagram post, Sara clarified to her fans that an account on X that have been using her name, is actually a fake account.

“Social media is a fantastic place for all of us to share our happiness, sadness, and daily activities.””However, it’s troubling to see technology being misused, as it detracts from the truth and authenticity of the internet. I’ve come across some deepfake photos of me that are far from reality”, Sara wrote.

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“A few accounts on X (formerly Twitter) have obviously been created with an intent to impersonate me and mislead people. I do not have an account on X, and I hope X looks into such accounts and suspends them,” she added.

“Entertainment should never come at the expense of the truth. Let’s encourage communication that’s based on trust and reality”, Sara concluded her statement.

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Notably, this is not the first time a celebrity has come out to raise concern over deepfake technology. Earlier, actress Rashmika Mandanna had issued a statement after her deepfake video went viral on the internet.

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