Shrinking Your Digital Footprint: Five Strategies for Becoming Less Visible Online – Positive News

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As California’s groundbreaking ‘delete act’ moves forward, here are five ways you can shrink your digital footprint today California’s Delete Act, signed by state governor Gavin Newson in October 2023, will give individuals the power to determine how much of their personal information is visible online. The bill allows residents to request that all data brokers in the state delete their personal information. This legislation, which is at the forefront in the UK, may appear distant. So, how can you reduce your digital footprint? Here are five suggestions. 1. Close old accounts Platforms like Myspace, eBay, and Facebook may have been popular and helpful at one point. However, as the digital landscape evolves quickly, users often switch to new platforms or abandon them altogether, leaving behind valuable data. Take stock of outdated platforms, unused email accounts, and other sites where you are still registered, and then log in and delete them. It may also be time to consider the platforms you still use. Who is benefiting more from the relationship? A Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur or you? 2. Sort through your junk Examine your inbox, especially the junk folder, to identify where irrelevant emails are coming from. Old insurance companies, comparison websites, and stores from which you made a one-time purchase often send newsletters in the hopes that you will make a repeat purchase, which is of little use to you. You may have accidentally opted in. At the bottom of every newsletter, you should find an option to unsubscribe. Click on it and say goodbye to the unwanted emails.

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