Shubman Gill’s surprise encounter with actress Avneet Kaur in London

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In London, Shubman Gill was spotted with Anshul Garg, Avneet Kaur, and Raghav Sharma.

When Shubman Gill was seen in London with Raghav Sharma, Avneet Kaur, and Anshul Garg, online users began to question whether the cricket player was working with them on a music video.

Shubman Gill’s suave appearance and sportsmanship on the field have made him a national celebrity immediately.

With 11.6 million Instagram followers, he enjoys a massive fan base, and his photos quickly become viral upon upload.

Will Avneet Kaur and Shubman Gill appear for Music Video?

In addition to his career on the cricket field, Shubman Gill works with numerous other companies. Furthermore, he frequently makes news due to his suspected romance with Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar. Now that he and a few social media celebrities were spotted in London, there have been rumors that they are working together on a new music video.

In London, Shubman Gill was spotted with Anshul Garg, Avneet Kaur, and Raghav Sharma. His muffler, tee, and jeans show that he is dressed for the winter cold.

Raghav Sharma is there as well as Avneet Kaur. The duo is rumored to be dating.

And now, fans are wondering if Shubman Gill would soon release a music video in light of this. As everyone knows, Punjabi songs have their own fan base, and music videos are huge right now. Shubman Gill would look great as the lead character in a music video.

The moment the images of Shubman, Raghav, Avneet, and Anshul appeared online, internet users flocked to the post’s comment section.

Many of them expressed doubts that Shubman would collaborate with them on a music video anytime soon, while some internet users also criticized the cricket player for allying with social media celebrities.

Gill will next be on the field during India’s tour of South Africa.

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