Surviving Solo: A Comprehensive Guide to Lasting Longer in BGMI Matches

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Survival in the BGMI solo mode is tricky. It is dependent on various factors, including good gaming skills, map knowledge, and more. Check out the full details below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular battle royale game enjoyed with friends or for ranking up. Achieving the highest rank, Conqueror signifies pro-player status. In BGMI, players can push rank in 4-player Squad Mode, Duo Mode, or Solo Mode. Check out a Guide to Survive Longer in Solo Matches in BGMI.

To survive longer in the BGMI solo matches is very tough, as you have no one to give you backup or revive you. Once you get hit by enemies, there is no revive. The game is over for you once you get backstabbed or hit by camper enemies. So you have to play very carefully to win games or to survive longer.

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A Guide to Survive Longer in BGMI Solo Mode

  • Map Awareness – Choose a map with which you are familiar. It is important to know good positions to hold and to get cover, and knowing all angles is important to survive in tough conditions.
  • Good Rotations – As it is solo mode you’ll get to see players hiding everywhere. make sure to enter the end circles very carefully. Use vehicles to make rotations as an enemy can’t take you down so easily. However using vehicles sometimes backfires as it reveals your position.
  • Game Awareness – The most critical aspect of solo mode is game awareness. Players must know when to engage in a fight and when to avoid it. When it comes to survival, sometimes falling back is the best option. Take fights when the circumstances are favorable. Fights should not be forced.
  • Strong Gungame – With game awareness, the strong gun game also has the same importance. Players need to practice the various training drills that are available on YouTube. As you cross initial rank levels, you’ll be matched with same-level players, making survival more challenging.

Players have to use utilities like smoke grenades, frag grenades, health kits, bandages, and more very carefully. Also, don’t loot the enemy’s crate in the open areas. Following these points will definitely help you survive longer in solo matches.

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