The Game Runner: Conor McGregor’s Conversation with Snoop Dogg

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UFC superstar Conor McGregor has shared his honest opinion on Snoop Dogg quitting smoking. Here’s what the Irishman said about the news.

Conor McGregor has given fans yet another classic voice post on X. The eccentric Irishman has built up a reputation for sharing his unfiltered thoughts on different social media platforms. And now, the former UFC double champion has reacted to the news of Snoop Dogg and shared his unique outlook on it.

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Famous American rapper and global superstar Snoop Dogg announced that he was quitting smoking. Snoop Dogg was as famous for his music as he was for smoking marijuana. However, the superstar took to X to confirm that he was giving up smoke. And McGregor had his say on the whole thing.

Conor McGregor Reflects on Snoop Dogg’s Decision to Quit Smoking

The news from Snoop Dogg became the biggest talking point on the internet. Some have questioned whether it is a joke or a publicity stunt while others have begun questioning if the famous rapper has some health condition. However, McGregor had a very different outlook on it.

Speaking on a voice note on X, McGregor said“God bless that man. God bless the legend Snoop Dogg. I wish him all the best and his family.” He then added, “Sometimes you gotta say you run it, it doesn’t run you. And that man runs that game. It doesn’t run him. So I wish him all the best.”

The Irishman then questioned the statement from Snoop Dogg and wondered if it was only marijuana or even edibles and other forms of drugs. Moreover, and quite surprisingly, McGregor admitted that he himself has had his moments of uncertainty with marijuana. However, he confirmed he was no longer using it.

The Irishman then ended with, “We don’t want smoke, yea. No more smoke. Peace and love is what we’re after. Enough of the smoke, yea? We’re about peace, we’re about love, we’re about family. We’re about health, we’re about happiness.”

Therefore, with these comments, McGregor gave Snoop Dogg his props while also raising some interesting questions and admitting to using marijuana himself.

What do you make of these comments from the Irishman? Are you surprised to hear that Conor McGregor has his moments of uncertainty with marijuana?

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