The Knockout and Earnings: Tom Aspinall’s Win at UFC 295

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Explore how much money Tom Aspinall pocketed by knocking out Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295.

What a significant upset for many fans who thought Sergei Pavlovich would take down Tom Aspinall, but that wasn’t the case. The chance that Aspinall took by accepting the fight just a few days away from the event paid off at the grandest stage of combat sports, Madison Square Garden. While he shocked everyone with his knockout, many fans, as always, want to know how much money he will earn for knocking out Pavlovich, considered by many to be the hardest challenge of his life.

UFC 295: How Much Did Tom Aspinall Racked Against Sergei Pavlovich?

In the co-main event, the British superstar defeated Pavlovich by TKO to become the Interim Heavyweight champion. In just one round, Aspinall showcased his heavy power, winning the fight in just under 70 seconds with a punch that floored the Czech superstar. Now, let’s dive in to find out the purse he earned.

Determining fighters’ earnings is challenging since the UFC and fighters don’t disclose contract details, and various factors affect the fight purse. Yet, relying on rumors and reports helps us come close to an approximate figure of what Aspinall earned with his win against Pavlovich.

According to some reports, Aspinall is set to receive a base pay of $256,000 each at UFC 295. With additional bonuses and performance bonuses, the total earnings will reach $400,000. It’s worth noting that in Pavlovich’s previous fight, he reportedly earned $375,000.

Aspinall earned $375,000 for his last fight against Marcin Tybura. This comprised his $210,000 base pay, $100,000 win bonus, $50,000 performance bonus, and a $5,000 sponsorship share. If it’s the same contract, with his win against Pavlovich he will earn up to $375,000 again at UFC 295.

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Despite losing to Pavlovich, Pavlovich is set to earn $250,000, along with an additional $6,000 from sponsorship, bringing his total earnings to $256,000. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how Aspinall fares in the future now that he holds the interim champion title.

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