The Power of Pulses: How Eating Legumes Can Transform You and the World

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Ali Honour, with 30 years of experience as a chef, believes the question should be, “What can’t you do with beans?” Since her childhood, she has grown up eating a variety of beans and sees them as a great bulking ingredient for feeding large families. She has a passion for beans, and the ‘Beans is How’ campaign aligns with her beliefs in the benefits of increased bean consumption. Beans and pulses are rich in fiber, plant protein, and are easy to grow. They require less water than other crops and are beneficial for the soil. For World Pulses Day, Honour is working to prepare beans for employees at Google’s London headquarters and a fine dining dinner at Fortnum and Mason in London. She also shares her love for lentils, butterbeans, and borlotti beans. Honour believes beans are perfect for those in a rush and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. She insists that beans are a versatile ingredient and is determined to change the perception of beans as an unglamorous food.

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