Tom Aspinall’s Perspective on the Fandoms of Harry Potter and Anime

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After his interim title win, Tom Aspinall has grabbed the headlines on multiple occasions. Read more to find out his latest comments.

UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall has grabbed a lot of headlines recently. The Englishman recently captured the interim title defeat Serghei Pavlovich with an impressive knockout win. Since then, he has featured in the headlines for some controversial comments. And we have yet another example of that.

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Aspinall and Pavlovich competed in the co-main event at UFC 295. The interim title clash was a last-minute addition after Jon Jones pulled out with an injury. And the Englishman made the most of the opportunity with a remarkable win over the Russian fighter.

UFC Champ Tom Aspinall Labels Adults Who Watch Harry Potter and Anime as Suspect

Aspinall recently caught up with Nina Marie-Danielle for a YouTube video where he answered a bunch of different questions. When speaking about movies, Aspinall showed his disdain for those who watch movies like Harry Potter.

Aspinall said, “I think any person who’s an adult, over like, the age of 25 and they watch programs about children’s magic, they need to… that’s quite suspect.”

The two then agreed that adults going to Disney Land is also very weird and suspect. However, Aspinall then added and said that even those who watch anime can’t be trusted.

The interim UFC champion then explained that he doesn’t watch movies. Instead, he is a series person. Aspinall revealed that his favorite series is Game of thrones. And to the surprise of many, Aspinall admitted that he doesn’t like the popular British show Peaky Blinders.

This was the same interview in which Aspinall got himself into some trouble. The Englishman asked Nina Marie-Danielle a very controversial question which raised a few eyebrows. However, it all died down when fans realized that it was a misunderstanding and Aspinall meant something very different.

So there you have it. This is yet another borderline controversial comment from the new UFC interim heavyweight champion. What do make of these comments from the Englishman? Do you think he will find himself in trouble again?

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