UFC Champion Alex Pereira’s Highly Anticipated Appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast

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On Instagram, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Alex Pereira hinted at showing up on the Joe Rogan Experience. Look into the reports for more info.

Joe Rogan has been the voice of the UFC for decades, transitioning from commentator to hosting Fear Factor and pursuing stand-up comedy. One of his most popular ventures is the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The podcast doesn’t have a set theme, featuring a diverse range of guests from Sadhguru to Elon Musk. The UFC stars frequently grace the podcast, and now, Alex Pereira has hinted that he might soon make an appearance on the JRE. Let’s delve into the details.

Alex Pereira x Joe Rogan Experience 

On Instagram, the Brazilian fighter has hinted at an upcoming appearance on the JRE by sharing a picture with Rogan. According to reports, it’s likely that Poatan will soon join the podcast. Recently, many UFC champs, including Sean O’Malley and Sean Strickland, have featured on the show just after winning their belts.

Now that Pereira has secured the LHW belt, he appears to be the next featured guest on the podcast. Although the Brazilian doesn’t speak English fluently, it seems he will appear with a translator, similar to what Ailin Perez did on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour show.

Certainly, it promises to be an interesting conversation. Rogan’s renowned conversational skills paired with Poatan’s humorous persona, evident in his pranks and social media mockery, should make for an engaging episode.

Meanwhile, the podcast’s unpredictable nature allows conversations to shift from Pereira’s journey from tire shop to his championship, and exploring various interesting topics. Fans are now waiting for this exciting collaboration and it will be interesting to see what new revelation Rogan brings on this new and exciting episode.

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