Unleash the Criminal Ring Event in Free Fire Max: Explore the Exclusive Rewards!

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In the new Free Fire Max Criminal Ring event, players can get plenty of criminal outfits.

Free Fire Max, a popular Battle Royale game, introduces a new Criminal Ring Event. The brand-new event offers players amazing rewards that enhance their in-game character appearance. Check out the Free Fire Max Criminal Ring Event and Rewards.

Free Fire Max Criminal Ring Event

The new Criminal Ring Event started today, November 23. Players have the opportunity to claim amazing rewards through it, including the Top Criminal Ghost set, Top Criminal Purple set, Top Criminal Yellow set, Top Criminal Blue set, and Top Criminal Red set.

To acquire these impressive outfits, players must expend diamonds, the in-game currency. However, the process also involves a luck-based spin, where players have the chance to obtain the outfits if luck is on their side.

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Check out the Free Fire Max Ghost Criminal Event Calendar

  • Reveal the Ghost Criminal: Ghost Criminal event requires players to fulfill daily missions, such as participating in a specific mode and playing multiple matches daily. By accomplishing these missions, players earn tokens that can be used to redeem various rewards.
  • Ride to the End: Beginning on November 24, the Ride to the End event prompts players to ride vehicles in matches to complete missions. Upon completion, players will receive a free bike skin.
  • Helping Hand: Starting on November 28, the Helping Hand event encourages players to support their teammates by reviving them in-game. Successful assistance will earn players an amazing backpack skin for free.
  • BR Shifting Safe Zone: A new feature in the 4-man BR Squad mode, the BR Shifting Safe Zone, introduces a dynamic safe zone that can appear anywhere on the map, providing an unpredictable twist to the gameplay.

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