Virender Sehwag’s Son Wows Netizens with Lightning-fast Footwork

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While Virender Sehwag used minimal footwork while smashing bowlers in all parts of the ground, his son Aaryavir seems to enjoy showcasing footwork.

They often say, ‘like father, like son,’ but in the case of Virender Sehwag’s son, it appears to be quite the contrary. The former Indian opener, who used minimal footwork while playing shots, is now witnessing his son exhibit exceptional feet movement. A video has gone viral on social media wherein Aaryavir Sehwag is showcasing his swift feet movement. On one or two occasions, the Sehwag junior also came down the track and sent the ball sailing over the ropes.

Watch the video:

For the unversed, the Aaryavir Sehwag is as passionate as his father when it comes to cricket. He is just 16 years of age, but Sehwag has already spoken in several of his interviews about Aaryavir’s focus is in cricket. In fact, the teenager also wishes to play IPL soon.

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Virender Sehwag’s son Aaryavir harbour hopes of playing IPL soon

The former India opener said that his son is already working extremely hard to be in the IPL in the coming years.

“The IPL has benefited young talent the most. Earlier, nobody got noticed for Ranji Trophy performances and hence couldn’t make it to the Indian team. But now, if you perform well in the IPL and you showcase your talent, then immediately, you get an opportunity to play for the Indian team.

Because of the IPL, so many children from smaller states of the country have started taking cricket seriously and trying their best to participate in the IPL and strive hard for it. For example, my son is 16 years old and is already working hard to get a chance to play in the IPL,” the former India opener said,” to Star Sports.

Currently, Aaryavir is concentrating on putting up good performances for his state team Delhi.

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