When Bill Burr’s Wife Was Less Than Enthused to Spot Donald Trump at UFC 295

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Burr and his spouse sat ringside on Saturday, where Donald Trump arrived to attend, the co-main event

When Donald Trump arrived at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night for UFC 295—an ultimate fighting title match, he was greeted largely with warmth. Yet, not everybody in the New York audience was overjoyed to meet the former president. The former president appears to be giving actress Nia Renee Hill, comedian Bill Burr’s wife, the middle finger as he stares out at the crowd, unaware that she is making the gesture.

Donald Trump not welcomed happily by Bill Burr’s wife

Following the preliminary matches, Mr. Trump, along with UFC president Dana White and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, entered the arena. Among the 19,000 spectators were Kid Rock and his son Donald Trump Jr.

Mr. Trump, a frequent visitor to the UFC, had already made an appearance on Saturday at a rally in New Hampshire.

Despite facing 91 charges in four distinct criminal cases and the possibility of having his corporate empire broken up from a civil fraud prosecution in New York, the former president is leading the Republican presidential primary by a wide margin.

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