5 ways to spread love this Valentine’s Day – your personal guide

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Romance is thriving within the Positive News community, which has been a source of valuable insight. We asked readers how they celebrate Valentine’s Day without succumbing to commercialism, and received numerous responses. Many expressed their intent to impress their partners with culinary delights or homemade tokens of affection such as poems, songs, and cards. It was heartening to see that being single did not deter individuals from celebrating and spreading love within their families and communities. Reader suggestions spanned from practicing self-love and gratitude, to creating unique experiences and charitable acts. Some offered gestures of simplicity, like sharing a cup of tea in bed, while others took a more active approach, such as organizing a treasure hunt or engaging in meaningful conversations. For some, Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to connect with nature, while others found gratification in doing nothing at all. Acts of anonymous gifting, sharing knowledge, and creating and sharing crafts were also common themes. Some couples chose to lean into the cliches, embracing popular activities like dining out, while others favored more unconventional and creative approaches. People’s acts of love were heartening to read, and while we couldn’t publish them all, we’re grateful to everyone who shared. Join the Positive News community today and support our efforts to share solutions journalism that uplifts and inspires.

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