Assessing the PFL’s Value in the MMA Market Post-Bellator Acquisition

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After the PFL acquired Bellator, we compare the net worth new merger to their competitors, the UFC, to see which promotion is worth more.
The PFL made waves in the combat sports world last night when news broke out of their takeover of Bellator. Two of the UFC’s biggest competitors are now one and will look to dethrone the leading MMA promotion. So after the news of the takeover, we compare the UFC’s net worth to the PFL’s net worth to see which is higher.
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The UFC is easily the biggest MMA promotion in the world when you consider fame, popularity, and viewership. Moreover, the UFC’s holding group Endeavor recently also acquired the WWE to extend their portfolio. So here’s how things stand after PFL got a takeover of their own.
Net Worth Comparison Between PFL and UFC After Bellator Acquisition

According to reports, the UFC and WWE merger is worth over $9 billion. This figure was over $11 billion. However, after the WWE takeover, the value has dropped a little to $9 billion. However, this is still a huge net worth. But it is no surprise given the fact that the UFC is the number one promotion for MMA in the world.
The PFL is reportedly worth $500 million. However, this valuation was before the Bellator takeover. According to other reports, Bellator was worth $200 million in 2023. Therefore, the takeover deal would mean the PFL is worth close to $1 billion.
However, despite the takeover, the PFL is still very far away from the UFC in terms of the monetary aspect. But the PFL will look to compete with the UFC on other fronts including viewership, fame, and entertainment.

The debut of Francis Ngannou early next year and a potential Jake Paul MMA debut could go a long way in helping PFL compete with the UFC. Moreover, given the direction they are going in, it will be no surprise to see them compete with the UFC in monetary terms too in the next few years.

What do you make of these figures? Do you think the Bellator takeover will help the PFL compete with the UFC in the future?

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