BattleGrounds Mobile India introduces Arena Frenzy event with exclusive rewards for players

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The new Arena Frenzy events offer players some exciting thrills by playing Arena Mode multiple times.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a popular battle royale game, introduced an Arena Frenzy event where players can get free rewards, including an outfit, classic crate coupons, and more. Check out how to redeem the rewards.

Arena Frenzy Event

BGMI always introduces new events in-game to engage and entertain the fans. The latest Arena Frenzy event promises players a permanent outfit, a Maritime Agent Set, Maritime Agent Glasses, and Classic and Supply Crate coupons. Arena Frenzy is an arena-mode playing mission where players get the “Cricket Bats” by completing missions like Play Arena Mode once a day or Play Arena Mode five times, etc. Players can trade the “Cricket Bat” in the exchange centre to get amazing rewards.

Redeem Rewards in the Exchange Centre

Follow the below steps to get the Maritime Agent Set, Maritime Agent Glasses, and Classic and Supply Crate Coupons by exchanging the Cricket Bats obtained from the Arena Frenzy Event.

  • Step 1 – After completing the Arena Frenzy missions, collect Crickets Bats 
  • Step 2 – Go to Missions and scroll down to Exchange Centre.
  • Step 3 -Now select the item you want and redeem it.

However, players need 850 Cricket Bats to redeem the Maritime Agent Set, 350 for Glasses, 90 for the Classic Crate Coupon, and 30 for the Supply Carte Coupon. The Arena Frenzy Event will be live until November 23, 2023, and the daily missions are limited, so players need to complete every mission daily to collect more Cricket Bats.

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