Counting the Active Fighters: UFC Division Breakdown

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Explore the current number of active fighters in each division of the UFC.

UFC, which is recognized as one of the biggest MMA promotion worldwide, which has a diverse roster of fighters hailing from various countries. As of July 21, 2023, the UFC roster included fighters from 73 different nations. In total, the UFC currently has 604 fighters under contract. Now let’s explore the number of active fighters in each division of the UFC.

List of Active UFC Fighters In Each Division

The UFC has a large roster of fighters, with a total of 604 fighters across multiple divisions. Here is a breakdown of the number of active fighters in each division:

  • Heavyweight: 35
  • Light heavyweight: 34
  • Middleweight: 65
  • Welterweight: 75
  • Lightweight: 92 (the highest number in any division)
  • Featherweight: 79
  • Bantamweight: 72
  • Flyweight: 49
  • Women’s Bantamweight: 31
  • Women’s Flyweight: 36
  • Women’s Strawweight: 43

The lightweight division in the organization is filled with a large number of active fighters, boasting 92 fighters in total. This division has the highest number of active participants among all the weight classes.

Following closely is the featherweight division, which ranks second with 79 active fighters. The welterweight division takes the third spot with 75 active fighters.

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