England Matches: Opting Out of WPL 2024 Auction

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Dunkley, who had a remarkable stint with the Gujarat Giants, expressed that the decision was not made lightly.

WPL Auction 2024: In a strategic move, England’s talented cricketer Sophia Dunkley has decided to skip the upcoming Women’s Premier League (WPL) auction, foregoing the chance to return to India for the second edition next year. Dunkley, who had a remarkable stint with the Gujarat Giants, expressed that the decision was not made lightly and revolves around her commitment to England’s demanding international schedule.

Sophia Dunkley, released by Gujarat Giants, confirmed her choice not to enter the auction scheduled for December 9, the same day when England and India clash in the second T20 International. Reflecting on her decision, Dunkley said to ESPNcricinfo, “It was a decision that I debated for quite a while. I absolutely loved my time at the WPL last year and had an amazing time at Gujarat Giants with many special memories.”

While Sophia Dunkley acknowledges the allure of the WPL and expresses a desire to return in the future, she emphasizes that her primary focus is on the upcoming international calendar for England. “Playing cricket in India is amazing. I just think to me this year we’ve got a massive international year and, mentally and physically, to be in the best place for that, I think not going into the auction is the best decision for me,” she stated.

The crux of Dunkley’s decision lies in prioritizing her game and ensuring she is in peak form for England’s extensive international commitments. “To work on my game and to be in the best position to play for England is my priority really. It wasn’t an easy decision at all. It took a lot of time and a lot of discussions,” Dunkley explained.

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Main Reason For Sophia Dunkley to skip WPL 2024 Auction

Entering the auction, Sophia Dunkley recognizes the uncertainty of being picked up and, considering the hectic schedule, opted for a strategic approach. “Going back into the auction (WPL 2024 Auction), there’s no guarantee that you’ll get picked up anyway, but in the case that I did, it was just weighing up the different decisions I had to make. The way the year’s panned out, it makes it tricky as it’s so busy, and sometimes you’ve got to make those decisions.”

Dunkley’s thoughtful decision reflects the challenges and choices faced by international players amid the packed cricket calendar. As she focuses on honing her skills for England’s campaigns, fans will eagerly await the next opportunity to witness Dunkley’s prowess on the cricketing stage.

In cricket, currently all eyes are on the Women’s Premier League 2024 Auction (WPL 2024 Auction). WPL is ready for its second season following an exciting first season in 2023. The procedure for release and detention is complete. And now, the WPL 2024 auction will be held in Mumbai on December 9.

Sophia Dunkley represents England in cricket internationally. She also played for the Gujarat Giants in the Women’s Premier League the previous season. In addition, Dunkley has represented the Wales Fire Women’s Team, Southern Brethren, Lancashire Thunder, and Surrey Stars.

Significantly, the Women’s Premier League’s inaugural season took place the previous year. The Mumbai Indians, captained by Harmanpreet Kaur, prevailed in the championship match. However, the Mumbai Indians squad will try to retain its crown in the Women’s Premier League 2024 season. Simultaneously, the auction is scheduled for December 9th before this.

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