Furious Mitchell Johnson unleashes on Bailey and Warner as tensions rise in Aussie cricket

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Bailey’s response, made during the announcement of the Australian squad for the Pakistan series, did not sit well with Johnson.

In a shocking turn of events, drama has unfolded in Australian cricket, and the heat is on as former cricketer Mitchell Johnson takes center stage. The 42-year-old recently penned a column for The West Australian, expressing regret for referencing fans buying sandpaper at Bunnings. However, the controversy doesn’t end there.

Mitchell Johnson, in his column, targeted Australian selector George Bailey for what he deemed a “childish” response to his piece. The crux of the matter revolves around Johnson suggesting that Bailey’s proximity to the players may compromise his decision-making, especially regarding the controversial David Warner.
Adding fuel to the fire, Johnson claimed that Bailey had been sending him text messages at odd hours, particularly regarding an article on Western Australian quick Lance Morris, who is part of the squad set to play against Pakistan.

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Bailey’s response, made during the announcement of the Australian squad for the Pakistan series, did not sit well with Johnson. Bailey stated that he hoped Johnson was ‘Okay,’ implying a connection between Johnson’s critical column and mental health issues.

Johnson, however, vehemently denied any such connection, stating, “It’s basically having a dig at someone’s mental health and saying that I must have something going on, a mental health issue has made me say what I have said. That’s not the truth. That’s completely the opposite. I’m actually clear-minded.”
“To ask if I’m okay because I’ve had mental health issues is pretty much downplaying my article and putting it on mental health, which is quite disgusting, I think,” Johnson said.

The drama doesn’t end there, as Johnson revealed on his podcast, “The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show,” that he had not heard from current Australian players regarding the controversy. He did mention, though, that some past players had reached out, and “not too many were complimentary.”

As the cricketing community awaits the unfolding of this saga, with Johnson set to commentate on the Perth Test, the big question lingers: Will the rift between Johnson, Bailey, and Warner heal? The drama in Australian cricket has taken an unexpected turn, leaving fans and pundits alike on the edge of their seats, wondering about the future of these cricketing relationships.

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