Indian Cricket Superstars in GTA 6-Inspired AI Generated Art: From Kohli to Jadeja

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Jio Cinema’s social media accounts posted AI-generated images inspired by GTA 6, featuring Indian superstars from Virat Kohli to Ravindra Jadeja. Take a look!
Last night, we received the biggest and most awaited news of the year, not just for the gaming industry but for all casual game enthusiasts, as Rockstar Games launched the official trailer of GTA 6. This has been well-received by fans worldwide; from streamers like IShowSpeed to others, everyone has been talking about it. Now, on social media, AI-generated images of Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma, and other superstars have emerged.
Jio Cinema, which has become a major sports streaming platform in India, has shared numerous AI-generated pictures of the biggest sports ambassadors: Indian cricketers. While everyone on the internet is talking about it, Jio Cinema didn’t miss out on the opportunity to attract the attention of cricket fans as they shared pictures of GTA characters inspired by cricketers. Check it out below.
Kohli looked absolutely stunning in the GTA 6-inspired picture where he is wearing a blue shirt over a white t-shirt with the fancy watch as he wears in real life, and he is standing on the street in the midst of the sunset.
And not just him, the streaming platform shared pictures of other superstars. And talking about superstars how one can miss the Indian Captain Rohit Sharma. The Hitman, known for his Lamborghini, is standing in front of the blue Lamborghini in an Adidas-inspired outfit.
GTA 6: Not Just Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma- Ravindra Jadeja And Others Also Looked Great
Ravindra “Rockstar” Jadeja, known for his love for horses, is sitting on the cruiser bike in which he rocked the picture. Similarly, Hardik Pandya is sitting on a street-style bike. Both Gujju boys looked stunning.
Lastly, it also featured a picture of KL Rahul, leaving fans confused about whether it’s KL Rahul or Jaydev Unadkat, or Krunal Pandya.
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Well, while AI is advancing rapidly, pictures like these give fans a glimpse of what it would be like if their favorite characters were in games or iconic movies. Recently, we saw Conor McGregor hugging Khabib Nurmagomedov, and now, with GTA 6 trending, seeing Indian superstars like this is almost a dream come true for the fans.

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