revealed for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Thanksgiving Throwdown event

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PUBG Mobile x Samsung Galaxy comes together to host PUBG Mobile Thanksgiving Throwdown event for the players.

Samsung Galaxy partners with PUBG Mobile to bring Thanksgiving Throwdown event. Players can team up with popular content creators of PUBG Mobile to win, give back, and be thankful. Win a share of USD 40K and Samsung Galaxy devices! Players must be over the age of 16 to receive prizes. Prizes must be given to a specially selected recipient of the winner’s choosing. Check out the details here.

Register for a chance to be one of the 24 community members to join our 24 content creators in the event finals! Teams will consist of 2 players from qualifiers and 2 content creators, totaling 12 teams of 4. Registration Link

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Qualifier #1 November 18th

5 solo games, standard battle royale format. The top 64 community members with the most points will advance to Qualifier #2.

Qualifier #2 November 19th 11am PT

5 solo games, standard battle royale format. The top 24 players with the most points will qualify for the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals November 21st

5 games with a unique challenge-driven competition where they earn points only by completing on-screen challenges.

Players must install the latest version of the game in order to participate in the Competition. Updates must be installed before the tournament starts, and no failure to install such updates shall be considered a reasonable reason for the Player’s delay. Players must not change their Registration name or Gamertag at any time during the competition.

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