The PFL’s Acquisition of Bellator: Is It Now Bigger Than the UFC?

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PFL officially disclosed the specifics of their agreement to take over Bellator starting in 2024.

As the French Kickboxing Welterweight phenom Cedric Doumbe said, PFL is the future. Francis Ngannou too after signing with the PFL stated that he had better opportunities at PFL compared to UFC and now with Bellators merging, it might also be bigger than UFC.

In a historic agreement for combat sports, the PFL chairman Donn Davis declared on Monday that the PFL has bought Bellator MMA.

The terms of the agreement were not made public, although Bellator’s previous parent company, Paramount, will continue to have a minority ownership stake. All Bellator-signed fighters will be allowed to participate on other PFL platforms right now, although the Bellator brand will still exist as a distinct “reimagined” product in 2024.

How Does PFL Intend To Operate In The Fight Industry With UFC As Its Competitor

In 2024, PFL plans a “mega event” that will include champion vs champion competitions between the two corporations.

Following months of rumors and conjecture, PFL officially disclosed the specifics of their agreement to take over Bellator starting in 2024. They also stated that they intended to operate the promotion independently for the foreseeable future, but that they would be able to share fighters and other interesting information.

Fans, fighters, executives, and others responded to the revelation that completely changed the business.

With the Bellator acquisition, PFL was able to add a staggering amount of elite athletes, to the point where its roster of fighters is now on par with the UFC. Thirty percent of the competitors on the rosters of the PFL and UFC are among the top 25 independently ranked fighters in their respective weight classes. Furthermore, PFL + Bellator now has the world’s greatest lineup of female fighters. All recently purchased Bellator fighters will be eligible to participate in PFL fight franchises and join the PFL platform.