Jon Jones Speaks Out Against Viral Reel Comparing Running and MMA Toughness

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Jon Jones expresses disagreement with a Instagram reel video suggesting that running is more challenging than MMA.

UFC heavyweight Jon Jones, known for his impressive UFC record, recently expressed his discontent through a social media post. The post involved a comparison between running and MMA, and Jones shared his perspective on the matter. Let’s dive into the details of it.

Jones Criticises Viral Reel

Jon Jones, currently sidelined from the UFC due to an injury leading to his withdrawal from the UFC 295 bout against Stipe Miocic, has recently shared his perspective on the perceived toughness of running versus MMA.

On Instagram, a recent post featured a reel comparing the toughness of MMA and running. The reel strongly favored running, suggesting that MMA fighters are childish men who never outgrew play-fighting with friends, while portraying running as a form of pure and intense pain.

In response to the comparison, Jon Jones shared his thoughts and commented on the matter. He wrote “Being in a MMA fight is like being in the middle of the ocean. You don’t know what you’re doing, you drown, could literally die. It’s the most real sport to ever exist. Can’t even call it a sport. It’s a way of survival, a way of life.”

Jones contradicts the post, highlighting that MMA is a demanding sport with potential life-threatening risks. He argues that comparing running, a distinct activity, to MMA isn’t fair, emphasizing that many MMA fighters incorporate running for cardio alongside other intense workouts.

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It ultimately depends on individual perspectives to determine which is tougher between running and MMA. But for now fans, eager for Jones’ return after his injury-induced absence, anticipate his next update in the UFC.

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