Lionel Messi’s Family Vacation at Orlando’s Disney World Resort

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The Messis showed up in caps and hoodies, guarded only by security and a few assistants, trying their best to go unnoticed

After spending the first year of his career away from world football in Europe, Lionel Messi is enjoying a much-deserved break in Florida. For one thing, the MLS schedule is much less hectic and he has plenty of free time to spend with his family. The Argentine superstar recently visited the Orlando’s Disney World Resort with wife Antonela, and his three sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, in the midst of a security checkpoint.

The Messis showed up in caps and hoodies, guarded only by security and a few assistants. People recognised the footballing legend and stopped to take pictures with them even though they tried not to be noticed.

Even though he’s become more well-known in Florida since joining Inter Miami over the summer, there’s still a certain amount of privacy when it comes to Messi living in the US. There are still a lot of people who don’t recognise him.

His Inter Miami career has made him a household name in the US, and he’s only getting more and more popular. It is likely that in the months ahead, it’ll be hard for him to recreate the kind of family moment he had in the Disney World Resort.

What’s next for Lionel Messi?

Messi’s absence from the MLS playoffs leaves him virtually free for the remainder of the year. After the Argentina National Team’s recent FIFA CONMEBOL qualifiers, he is free until the US football season resumes in mid January for the pre-season. Inter Miami will kick-off their season at the end of February, so Messi is likely to continue enjoying his time away from the pitch with his family.

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In the interim, Messi will have some breathing space, as winter break in Europe is much shorter and demand is much higher. He can even improve his physical condition in the time being.

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