Positive News Celebrates 30 Years of Meaningful and Inspiring Stories

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Thirty years ago, before wifi and mobile internet even existed, an unusual newspaper began to be handed out across the UK to bewildered members of the public. At that time, ‘news’ was just assumed to be ‘bad news’, no question. But this radical newspaper was titled Positive News, and it contained no doom and zero gloom. Instead, every story was about progress and possibilities for positive change.

Now, three decades later, Positive News is a media brand reaching millions across its digital channels and print magazine, while also leading a quiet revolution within the news industry towards reporting on solutions.

“Good news used to be dismissed as irrelevant,” says Positive News CEO, Seán Wood. “But now, many people are overwhelmed by bad news and turning away from it. At the same time, there’s an acute need to give our collective attention to potential solutions to the world’s problems.”

3 ways to support Positive News today
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Buy a Christmas gift subscription

Packed with uplifting stories about the things that are going right in the world, Positive News magazine is a perspective-shifting present that challenges the negative news cycle – and there’s still time to buy a subscription as a Christmas gift. Recipients of our gift subscriptions receive four copies of our certified carbon neutral magazine throughout the year, along with access to our digital archive.

By combining rigorous journalistic standards with a focus on what’s going right in the world, Positive News has proven that news can be uplifting while remaining trustworthy and socially relevant, says Wood.
“With three decades of inspirational reporting under our belts, an ever-growing audience and an expanding community of support, we’re showing that good news matters. And it’s great to see that alongside essential problem-focused reporting, other media professionals and news sites are now also
taking a ‘solutions journalism’ approach and running with it.”
Positive News’ progress and longevity has been made possible by its dedicated community of support, which has always been at the heart of the organisation as an independent and not-for-profit publisher.
“Our readers share a spirit of optimism, and a belief that what we focus on in life makes a difference to what happens next,” says Wood. “We’re deeply grateful to all our readers and
supporters, whose financial backing has sustained Positive News and is now helping us grow the reach and impact of our journalism.”
He adds: “We’re looking forward to continuing to uncover the most uplifting and useful stories we can find; because the world needs some positive news.”

3 ways to support Positive News today
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Become a supporter

If you want to see more good news stories in the world, please consider joining us as a Positive News supporter. Quality journalism comes at a cost, so your monthly contribution will help us to fund more of our solutions-focused reporting. Join our community who are helping our uplifting stories reach more people, while we show the rest of the media that the news doesn’t need to be so negative.

3 ways to support Positive News today
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Subscribe to Positive News magazine in print

Each issue features informative, inspiring articles about social and environmental progress, with high-impact photography and beautiful visual design. Delivered to your door, it’s an opportunity to enjoy catching up on everything that’s going right in the world, without the distraction of online doomscrolling. Plus, Positive News is a certified carbon neutral magazine, printed in the UK on sustainably sourced paper.

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