Revamped Formula 1: Introducing Sprint Format and Embracing Tyre Blankets

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The F1 Commission held a meeting in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. During the discussions, there were several key announcements.

Formula 1 is a sport that is constantly evolving. Just before the Abu Dhabi GP, the Formula 1 commission, which includes the FIA, met to make crucial decisions regarding the immediate future of the sport, as reported by Autosport. Formula 1 Sprint race format will be reviewed. The ban on tyre blankets will not go through, leaving Pirelli relieved. They will also take action for the cooling issues highlighted by the Qatar GP.

Sprint Race Format Review

A lot of Formula 1 fans and drivers have complained about the current sprint race format. The isolated Saturday doesn’t sit well with people. Teams hate the Parc Ferme rules that set in right after the first practice session. Therefore, Formula 1 and FIA have decided to review the sprint format and change it next year. They haven’t mentioned what they’ll do. They are even considering the reverse grid.

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No More Bans on Tyre Blankets

The ban on tyre blankets was one of the hottest bones of contention between the teams and Formula 1. Pirelli and FIA had huge stakes in this decision as well. They have abandoned the idea of introducing a tyre blanket ban in 2025.

The FIA and Formula 1 issued a statement. It said, “The Commission agreed that the direction for development for future tyres should be focused on reducing issues of overheating and improving the raceability of the tyres, and therefore the decision was taken to keep tyre blankets for 2025.”

Driver Cooling

The Qatar GP earlier this season exposed the Formula 1 drivers to torrid conditions. The FIA has approved the use of a scoop to boost driver cooling.

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Driver Safety

Formula 1 is introducing changes to ensure that metal pieces from cars don’t damage other cars too much. Also, they are experimenting with the wheel covers to reduce spray in wet weather conditions.

Ban on 2026 Car Development

Formula 1 has banned teams from doing any work on their 2026 cars before the start of the 2025 season. “The Commission agreed that no work may be carried out on the development of a car for the 2026 season before the start of 2025.”

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